PRO-S Molybdenum stainless steel

Seki Kanetsugu PRO-S Series blade is Made in Japan with Molybdenum alloy high carbon stainless steel with traditional "Hamaguri ba" (Convex edge grind), the edge that made Japanese swords famous, for an outstanding sharpness and durability, and yet easy to re sharpen. It is heat treated and then Sub Zero quenched, which refrigerates the blade to 70 degrees for longer edge retention and strength to brittleness and chipping.

Seki Kanetsugu now pleased to add the Stainless steel Hollow Handle version. Light weight, yet Well balanced 18-8 Hollow Stainless steel handle has traditional Katana Non Slip Grip Handle Pattern and comfortable Round shape grip.

Advantage of Stainless steel handle is sanitary, seamless and has good durability, does not get shrink unlike wooden handle. It's good idea and design of PRO-S Katana style handle, as it perfectly matches with Katana sharpness of Pro S special Hamaguri convex edge blade. 

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