Kajibee Damascus Blue#2 Nakiri Knife 165mm Made in Japan

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 The Kajibee knives are made by master blacksmith Kunio Ishikawa and his son. The small and authentic factory in the Japanese city of Sanjo. Ishikawa uses only the traditional Japanese steels as Aogami and Shirogami by Hitachi Yasuki Steel. Yes, they have limited range of products but All Kajibee knives are hand-forged in a traditional wood-fired oven and then hand polished.

65 layers Damascus and stainless overlay
Kajibee Nakiri Blue#2 Made in Japan

Blade Length :  165mm Approx.
Total Length : 307 mm Approx.
HRC – 61 –  63
Handle Shape -Traditional D Shape
Handle material : Ho Brown Wood
Edge Angle : Double Edge

Care of knife :
1. Sharpening Steel Rod not recommended.
2. Don’t cut Frozen Foods with these knives.
3. A whetstone is the best surface for maintaining a Japanese knife. There are various combinations of whetstones that may be used for sharpening a Japanese knife. The most common procedure starts with a whetstone #1000 grit to roughly arrange the angle of the edge to your preference, and then switching to a finishing stone (#3000 – #10,000 grit). By using multiple whetstones, the blade edge can be nicely maintained with less force to a varying degree of sharpness and refinement. Lastly, using a whetstone takes off far less steel than using a honing rod. Taking off less steel means a longer lasting knife.

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