Matsubara Blue #2 Nakiri Nashiji finish Made in japan

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Matsubara Nakiri Blue#2 Nashiji Finish Knife Made in Japan

Blade Length :  165 mm Approx.
Max Blade Width : 58 mm
Total Length : 302 mm Approx.
HRC – 61 –  63
Handle Shape -D shape
Edge Angle : Double Edge
Handle material : Chestnut wood handle w/buffalo horn ferrule.

Clad with a softer steel for stain-resistance and ease of sharpening and for maintenance. The outer cladding is then finished in a beautiful ‘nashiji’ pattern

Care of knife :
1. Sharpening Steel Rod not recommended.
2. Don’t cut Frozen Foods with these knives.
3. A whetstone is the best surface for maintaining a Japanese knife. There are various combinations of whetstones that may be used for sharpening a Japanese knife. The most common procedure starts with a whetstone #1000 grit to roughly arrange the angle of the edge to your preference, and then switching to a finishing stone (#3000 – #10,000 grit). By using multiple whetstones, the blade edge can be nicely maintained with less force to a varying degree of sharpness and refinement. Lastly, using a whetstone takes off far less steel than using a honing rod. Taking off less steel means a longer lasting knife.

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