Yoshimune White#1 Chef 210mm Black Finish knife Octagon handle

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Yoshimune kawamura White # 1 Series

Yoshimune White #1 Chef 210 mm

It is really well made knife featuring a unique and attractive stainless steel cladding. The stainless steel cladding is finished in a really unique and attractive pressed woodmanner. We are very happy to be able to offer these fine knives to our customers in the Australia.

The White #1 line of knives are constructed with an inner core of Hitachi White Paper #1 carbon steel. This alloy is also known as Shirogami No.1 or Shiroko No.1. It is a hard steel with a very fine granular structure. It has the highest carbon content of all the White steels which results in a blade that is the easiest to sharpen. As it is a carbon steel it will discolor or corrode if not cared for properly.

This series consists of a traditional San-Mai construction with a Kurouchi finish.

PLEASE NOTE : These are hand forged and finished items and each knives and Handle could have some variations and finish.
Pls note  : we use high quality horn ferrule, which is natural product and have some variation in colour and contrast, which is quite obvious but much better in durability as compared to cheap plastic/wood  or resin ferrule which look similar but easily breakable.

Blade Length: 210 mm with Octagon Rosewood handle.
Handle : rosewood with Horn.
Box packaging.

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