Yoshimune White#1 Santoku 165mm Black Finish knife Octagon handle

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    Yoshimune White #1 Santoku 165mm

    It is really well made knife featuring a unique and attractive stainless steel cladding. The stainless steel cladding is finished in a really unique and attractive pressed wood manner. We are very happy to be able to offer these fine knives to our customers in the Australia.

    The White #1 line of knives are constructed with an inner core of Hitachi White Paper #1 carbon steel. This alloy is also known as Shirogami No.1 or Shiroko No.1. It is a hard steel with a very fine granular structure. It has the highest carbon content of all the White steels which results in a blade that is the easiest to sharpen. As it is a carbon steel it will discolor or corrode if not cared for properly.

    This series consists of a traditional San-Mai construction with a Kurouchi finish.

    These are hand forged and finished items and each knives and Handle could have some variations and finish.

    Blade Length: 165 mm
    Overall Length with Octagon Handle :305 mm
    Handle : Ebony with Horn.

    Weight 0.5 kg


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